Murphy & Spagnuolo, P.C.’s attorneys handle transactions involving business clients of various sizes and specializations.

Venture Capital, Securities, Private Placement

Our law firm’s attorneys provide legal advice on venture capital issues and securities counsel for public and private placement offerings. The law firm also represents investors in NASD arbitrations against NASD registered representatives. Murphy & Spagnuolo, P.C. provides strategic business-planning advice and corporate governance oversight to our business clients.

Labor-Management Relations, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Grievances

The attorneys in our law firm are experienced in labor-management relations and negotiating collective bargaining agreements for management and representing management in grievance and binding arbitrations involving contract issues and unfair labor practice claims.

Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property, Copyrights & Trademarks

Attorneys in the law firm also counsel clients on federal, state and international regulatory compliance issues, and advise clients on intellectual property matters. The law firm has experience in the selection, protection and enforcement of copyrights and trademarks, rights of publicity and privacy, and non-compete and confidentiality agreements. It also assists in infringement avoidance measures.


Murphy & Spagnuolo, P.C.’s attorneys represent many technology clients and is experienced in software and hardware development and licensing. With Michigan’s trading partner, Canada, on its border, the law firm’s attorneys also have experience with cross-border transactions including NAFTA related issues.

Specialty Attorneys:

Alphonsus C. Murphy
Vincent P. Spagnuolo
Gary L. Bender
Richard A. Cascarillaa
Lindsay N. Dangl
David M. Klevorn
Abigail E. Richards