Employers today are faced with a multitude of legal concerns in the changing legal environment of employment law, with a need to anticipate human resource problems and resolve them proactively whenever possible. Murphy & Spagnuolo, P.C. has experience in representing employers from the small (1-20) employee firm to large employers with hundreds of employees.  Hiring, firing, and employee discipline under state and federal law require careful planning and our lawyers can assist every employer in its employee-management issues. The law firm’s lawyers can also assist the employer with ADA, FMLA, and COBRA matters as well.

Murphy & Spagnuolo, P.C.’s lawyers also advise on, and negotiate executive compensation packages for highly compensated executives and broadcast talent. Our law firm is experienced in labor-management relations and negotiating collective bargaining agreements for management and handling grievances and binding arbitrations in contract disputes.

Specialty Attorneys:

Vincent P. Spagnuolo
Gary L. Bender
Richard A. Cascarillaa
Lindsay N. Dangl